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Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil Add to Personalized Shopping List

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Organic Raspberry Seed Oil possesses an exceptionally high proportion of alpha and gamma tocopherols (Vitamin E), vitamin A and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In a study done on the properties of Organic Raspberry Seed Oil, the oil showed absorbance in the UV-B and UV-C ranges suggesting that it may be useful as a broad spectrum UV protectant in skin care formulations (Oomah et al, 2000). Red raspberry seed oil is rich in alpha linolenic acid suggesting pronounced anti-inflammatory properties, thus it may be an effective oil to use in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil may be used in lip balm, cream, sun protection, balms and other skin care formulations. Organic Raspberry Seed Oil can be added to any formulation to add protection against the sun. Please note, however, that you will not be able to determine the exact SPF of your product without testing and you cannot market SPF products without a license to do so. The usage of Organic Raspberry Seed Oil on the skin is not the equivalent of using a properly formulated SPF product. Many factors are involved in how a product works as a sunscreen including absorption rate and viscosity of the formulation.

Origin: USA
INCI: Rubus Idaeus (Red Raspberry) Seed Oil
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed & Filtered
Shelf Life: 1-2 Years
Saponification Value (mg KOH/g oil): 188 - 188
SAP Multiplier for NaOH: 0.134
KOH SAP Value: 0.188

Color Suggestions:
We recommend pairing this ingredient with the following colors:

Soft Pink
Hot Pink
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Customer Ratings and Reviews

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Overall rating:  5 out of 5
Reviewed by: Huguette Posted: Friday, August 09, 2013
Location: Montreal, CA
Something I: Purchased for Myself

For this quality and price expect in a glass bottle as indicated in your product copy.

FNWL Response: Huguette, offhand, I do not see where on our site that we claim that the size that you purchased is shipped in glass. I will be doublechecking with our staff to ensure that I did not overlook such a reference. As glass is more costly to ship (especially to Canada) there is much greater risk of breakage, especially for international orders, we ship in plastic when we can. From your other public comments, it sounds like you are an end user who is brand new to purchasing ingredients from a wholesale supplier. Our Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil is a pure, natural cold pressed vegetable oil. It is not a steam distilled essential oil and does not need to be shipped or stored in glass.

Overall rating:  1 out of 5
Reviewed by: Elvia Posted: Friday, June 18, 2010
Location: South Ozone Park, NY
Something I: Purchased for Myself

I had high hopes for this product to use it as a sunscreen since all store ones hurt my face in many ways. It left a residue which took very long to go away, but the worst thing was that it is really pore clogging. It made me really sad because it did not irritate my face and protected it from the sun but it clogged my pores so bad.

FNWL Response: Elvia, Red Raspberry Seed Oil is said to offer protection against the sun, possibly as high as 45-50 SPF) and is used by artisans/manufacturers that are able to perform protect SPF testing on their final product. having said that, it is important for us to make it clear that strive to avoid recommending using Red Raspberry Seed Oil solo for complete sun protection. I work to keep my adult acne manageable and haven't personally found Red Raspberry Seed Oil to be pore clogging (comedogenic), but everyone is different. We appreciate your sharing your personal experiences with us.

Overall rating:  5 out of 5
Reviewed by: Caterina Posted: Saturday, May 16, 2009
Location: Malabar, FL
Something I: Purchased for Myself

Great prices, and a great product.

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