Karanja Peppermint Foot Lotion

A cooling lotion made with antibacterial carrier oils and butters.

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Rock Rose & Chamomile Body Wash

This shopping list includes the FNWL ingredients needed for this recipe. The recipe for this formulation and many others can be found on our blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop.


Cart Product ID Description Size Quantity
WAXEMULUS86 Wax: Emulsifying (veg. based) 1 lb.
EOPEPPER Essential Oil: Peppermint, India 1 fl oz.
HYDWITCHBENZUS9 Hydrosol: Witch Hazel 16 fl oz.
EONIAOULIMG257 Essential Oil: Niaouli Cineole, Madagascar 1/2 fl oz.
OILTAMANUCPVIRIN728 Oil: Tamanu (Foraha Oil) 2 fl oz.
PRSVGSE60US413 Preservative: Grapefruit Seed Extract, Professional Strength 1 fl oz.
BUTCOCOAPPPID47 Butter: Cocoa, Pure Prime Pressed 4 fl oz.
BUTMURUEXPBR243 Butter: Murumuru 4 fl oz.
BOTBA4BP Bottle: Brushed Aluminum, 4 oz., Black Pump each
OILKARANJAEXPIN428 Oil: Karanja 4 fl oz.

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