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Vegetable Butters

Organic Shea Butter - SAVE 15%

This superior quality certified organic Shea Butter is a cold pressed, refined, creamy white butter that possesses very little scent. African healers have used Shea Butter for thousands of years to effectively treat for dry and aging skin. Its high content of non-saponifiables and unique fatty acid profile gives it the ability to moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin. Organic Shea Butter can also help to protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun while repairing cellular degeneration. Our Organic Shea Butter is extracted and refined without the use of harsh chemicals. It is deodorized but is not bleached. Organic Shea Butter can be used "as is" or in any proportion within formulations intended to moisturize the skin or hair.

4 fl oz.: $6.76 (Originally: $7.95)
16 fl oz.: $12.78 (Originally: $15.04)
64 fl oz.: $37.44 (Originally: $44.05)
1 gal.: $64.18 (Originally: $75.51)
25 kg: $294.47 (Originally: $346.43)

Essential Oils - Conventional

Amyris Essential Oil - SAVE 30%

Amyris Essential Oil, Amyris balsamifera, or "West Indian Sandalwood" has a pleasant, woody scent that is often used in place of real Sandalwood Essential Oil. It is nice in blends, and helps anchor the top and middle notes of the blend. Amyris Oil is mainly used in perfumery and as a scent fixative in soap although it can be used in non-aromatherapy room fragrancing products.

1/4 fl oz.: $5.75 (Originally: $8.21)
1/2 fl oz.: $8.04 (Originally: $11.49)
1 fl oz.: $11.49 (Originally: $16.41)
2 fl oz.: $18.38 (Originally: $26.26)
4 fl oz.: $32.17 (Originally: $45.95)
8 fl oz.: $59.73 (Originally: $85.33)
16 fl oz.: $110.28 (Originally: $157.54)
32 fl oz.: $183.79 (Originally: $262.56)

Angelica Root Essential Oil, England - SAVE 30%

Our Angelica Root Essential Oil is a clear/pale yellow oil with thin viscosity that is steam distilled from the roots of Angelica archangelica, a biennial herb that is most commonly grown in regions of northern Europe. Our Angelica Root Oil possesses a rather deep, peppery/spicy, woody herbaceous aroma that blends well with many other essential oils and aromatics including oils in the wood, herbal, floral, spice and root families.

1/16 fl oz.: $19.10 (Originally: $27.29)
1/4 fl oz.: $55.07 (Originally: $78.67)
1/2 fl oz.: $92.74 (Originally: $132.49)
1 fl oz.: $153.55 (Originally: $219.36)
2 fl oz.: $245.03 (Originally: $350.04)
4 fl oz.: $427.94 (Originally: $611.34)
8 fl oz.: $793.80 (Originally: $1,134.00)
16 fl oz.: $1,465.05 (Originally: $2,092.93)
32 fl oz.: $2,685.92 (Originally: $3,837.03)

Catnip Essential Oil - SAVE 20%!

Catnip Essential Oil, Nepeta cataria, is from the mint family and has been used in folk medicine to help relieve headaches, migraines, cramps and fever. It is known as Catmint in the UK. Recently, Catnip Oil has been studied for its unparalleled effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes and other insects. Make your own nearly all-natural insect repellent: Using a 4 oz. bottle with sprayer top, combine 10 drops Lemon Eucalyptus, 5 drops Geranium, 5 drops Catnip Essential Oil and 10 drops Cedarwood Virginia into 1.5 oz. high proof alcohol and 1.5 oz. water. Essential oils do not stay dispersed in water or alcohol. Be sure that you shake well before each use and discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs. Our Polysorbate 20 can be used to help keep the essential oils emulsified.

1/8 fl oz.: $19.08 (Originally: $23.85)
1/4 fl oz.: $29.70 (Originally: $37.13)
1/2 fl oz.: $47.94 (Originally: $59.93)
1 fl oz.: $85.36 (Originally: $106.70)
2 fl oz.: $150.74 (Originally: $188.43)
4 fl oz.: $262.84 (Originally: $328.55)
8 fl oz.: $487.15 (Originally: $608.94)
16 fl oz.: $898.58 (Originally: $1,123.23)

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, Indonesia - SAVE 30%

Our Indonesian Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is steam distilled from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum burmanni tree. It is a warm, highly aromatic, spicy oil that possesses an aroma that is a cross between traditional Cinnamon Bark Oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) and Cassia Bark Oil (Cinnamomum cassia). It is an affordable alternative to Cinnamomum zeylanicum and is well suited, in appropriate safe dilutions, for use in soaps, personal care and room fragrancing applications.

1/8 fl oz.: $9.91 (Originally: $14.15)
1/4 fl oz.: $12.34 (Originally: $17.63)
1/2 fl oz.: $19.52 (Originally: $27.88)
1 fl oz.: $31.48 (Originally: $44.97)
2 fl oz.: $55.92 (Originally: $79.88)
4 fl oz.: $98.42 (Originally: $140.60)
8 fl oz.: $171.21 (Originally: $244.59)
16 fl oz.: $317.49 (Originally: $453.56)
32 fl oz.: $586.14 (Originally: $837.34)

Clove Bud Essential Oil - SAVE 30%

Clove Bud Essential Oil, Euginia caryophyllata, is a very warm, spicy and aromatic oil. It is most effective as an antiseptic when diffused, and is a wonder for toothaches and abscesses when dabbed on the tooth very, very carefully. Clove Bud Oil is a hot spice oil, and can burn if used on the skin undiluted. It is stimulating to the mind, enhances concentration and can act as an aphrodisiac. It blends well with lavender, bergamot, orange, vanilla, vetiver, ylang ylang and other florals. Clove Oil can help sweeten some medicinal smelling blends. It is a great oil for potpourris and other home fragrance products. Clove Bud Essential Oil is irritating to the skin and mucous membranes, so extreme care should be taken when using on the skin. It must be diluted to less than .75%.

1/2 fl oz.: $8.28 (Originally: $11.83)
1 fl oz.: $14.20 (Originally: $20.28)
2 fl oz.: $23.66 (Originally: $33.80)
4 fl oz.: $37.86 (Originally: $54.08)
8 fl oz.: $66.25 (Originally: $94.64)
16 fl oz.: $113.57 (Originally: $162.24)
32 fl oz.: $208.21 (Originally: $297.44)

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil, India - SAVE 40%

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil is anti-microbial and is highly regarded for its use in easing respiratory complaints and for the relief of congestion. Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil is well suited for use in room mists, sprays and other products intended to help prevent and combat colds and flus. In the field of holistic aromatherapy, it is energizing, stimulates circulation and warms the body and increases concentration. In massage applications, it is useful for relieving rheumatic aches and pains. Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil acts as a natural insect repellent and can assist in the treatment of lice and athletes foot. It has a distinctive, dominant aroma that many find pleasant. It blends well with pine, spruce, cedarwood, tea tree, citrus and mint essential oils.

2 fl oz.: $3.69 (Originally: $6.15)
4 fl oz.: $6.64 (Originally: $11.07)
8 fl oz.: $11.81 (Originally: $19.68)
16 fl oz.: $20.66 (Originally: $34.44)
32 fl oz.: $35.42 (Originally: $59.04)

Fresh, Sweet Ginger Essential Oil, Indonesia - SAVE 10%

Ginger Essential Oil, Zingiber officinale, has a warm, strong, spicy aroma. This particular Ginger Oil is slightly sweeter and possesses less of the harsh "zing" that many other ginger essential oils are known for. Ginger Essential Oil can be calming yet also act as a stimulant. Within muscle and massage formulations, it helps to relieve soreness and stiffness in muscles and increases circulation. It also can strengthen the immune system during the cold season. Ginger Oil blends well with citrus oils, sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood, and palmarosa.

1/2 fl oz.: $23.36 (Originally: $25.95)
1 fl oz.: $33.42 (Originally: $37.13)
2 fl oz.: $54.65 (Originally: $60.72)
4 fl oz.: $86.16 (Originally: $95.73)
8 fl oz.: $149.47 (Originally: $166.08)
16 fl oz.: $276.98 (Originally: $307.75)
32 fl oz.: $511.34 (Originally: $568.16)

German Chamomile Essential Oil, England - SAVE 20%

German Chamomile Essential Oil, Matricaria recutita, possesses a very high content of azulene. Azulene is what gives German Chamomile Essential Oil its very deep blue color and reputation as a highly effective anti-inflammatory. German Chamomile Essential Oil is an ideal choice for inclusion in formulations intended for skin inflammation, infections, dry, itchy skin, insect bites, acne and other irritations.

1/8 fl oz.: $32.73 (Originally: $40.91)
1/4 fl oz.: $51.43 (Originally: $64.29)
1/2 fl oz.: $93.51 (Originally: $116.89)
1 fl oz.: $168.32 (Originally: $210.40)
2 fl oz.: $299.23 (Originally: $374.04)
4 fl oz.: $523.66 (Originally: $654.57)
8 fl oz.: $972.50 (Originally: $1,215.63)
16 fl oz.: $1,795.39 (Originally: $2,244.24)

Lavandin Essential Oil - SAVE 15%

Our Lavandin Essential Oil, Lavandula hybrida, is produced by crossing English lavender and spike lavender oils. Lavandin Oil is more camphorous than Lavandula angustifolia and has similar, but less pronounced, therapeutic properties. Lavandin Essential Oil can be included in formulations intended for pain relief or disinfection.

1 fl oz.: $6.83 (Originally: $8.03)
2 fl oz.: $12.63 (Originally: $14.86)
4 fl oz.: $21.16 (Originally: $24.89)
8 fl oz.: $38.22 (Originally: $44.97)
16 fl oz.: $70.98 (Originally: $83.51)
32 fl oz.: $131.05 (Originally: $154.18)

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, (CP), USA - SAVE 10%

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Citrus paradisi, is aromatically sweeter than White Grapefruit Oil. It is cold pressed from the peels of pink grapefruits and possesses a fresh, clean, uplifting aroma. The aroma is slightly tart while also being pleasant and sweet and is generally well favored even by those that don't enjoy consuming the fresh fruit itself.

4 fl oz.: $19.49 (Originally: $21.66)
8 fl oz.: $30.81 (Originally: $34.23)
16 fl oz.: $47.30 (Originally: $52.56)
32 fl oz.: $84.23 (Originally: $93.59)

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - SAVE 20%

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Anthemis nobilis, is traditionally used in formulations intended to promote sleep, relaxation and encourage a sense of calm. In personal care, aromatherapy and massage work, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil acts as a noteworthy anti-inflammatory. Due to its sedating properties, avoid use while driving or drinking.

1/8 fl oz.: $19.21 (Originally: $24.01)
1/4 fl oz.: $28.66 (Originally: $35.82)
1/2 fl oz.: $50.75 (Originally: $63.44)
1 fl oz.: $90.04 (Originally: $112.55)
2 fl oz.: $159.09 (Originally: $198.86)
4 fl oz.: $277.43 (Originally: $346.79)
8 fl oz.: $514.26 (Originally: $642.83)

Rosemary Essential Oil, Hungary - Save 10%

Our Rosemary Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops and leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis, a perennial herb that produces lovely pastel flowers. Rosemary Essential Oil possesses a pleasant, herbaceous, sweet, and slightly camphorous aroma that blends well with many other essential oils and natural aromatics including but not limited to lavender, peppermint, cypress, cedarwood, basil and other oils within wood, herbal, spice and root families.

1/4 fl oz.: $4.29 (Originally: $4.77)
1/2 fl oz.: $5.52 (Originally: $6.13)
1 fl oz.: $6.82 (Originally: $7.58)
2 fl oz.: $12.37 (Originally: $13.74)
4 fl oz.: $20.73 (Originally: $23.03)
8 fl oz.: $35.11 (Originally: $39.01)
16 fl oz.: $59.30 (Originally: $65.89)
32 fl oz.: $108.71 (Originally: $120.79)

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Cold Pressed - SAVE 10%

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Citrus aurantifolia, is cold pressed from the peels of the fruit. It possesses a fresh, sweet, uplifting, orange aroma. Within holistic aromatherapy applications, Sweet Orange Essential Oil is an energizing oil that can simultaneously ease stress and anxiety. The rejuvenating citrus scent of Sweet Orange Oil is versatile and blends well with other citrus essential oils and oils in the mint, floral, wood, herbaceous and spice families.

4 fl oz.: $7.57 (Originally: $8.41)
8 fl oz.: $10.94 (Originally: $12.15)
16 fl oz.: $15.51 (Originally: $17.23)
32 fl oz.: $28.59 (Originally: $31.77)
11 lbs.: $198.50 (Originally: $220.55)
22 lbs.: $277.61 (Originally: $308.46)
35 lbs.: $361.16 (Originally: $401.29)

Tulsi Essential Oil (Holy Basil), India - SAVE 40%

Tulsi Essential Oil, Ocimum sanctum, also commonly known as Holy Basil, is considered a sacred plant in Hinduism. It has been used medicinally for centuries in India to help ward of illness and to aid in digestion. Tulsi Essential Oil is an essential remedy in ayurvedic medicine for promoting optimal health and well-being. Tulsi has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-spasmodic properties. The strong herbaceous scent blends well with citrus, spice, wood and floral essential oils.

1/2 fl oz.: $3.53 (Originally: $5.89)
1 fl oz.: $5.05 (Originally: $8.42)
2 fl oz.: $8.08 (Originally: $13.46)
4 fl oz.: $14.14 (Originally: $23.56)
8 fl oz.: $26.26 (Originally: $43.76)
16 fl oz.: $48.47 (Originally: $80.78)
32 fl oz.: $88.86 (Originally: $148.10)

Essential Oils - Organic

Organic Dill Essential Oil, France - SAVE 40%

Organic Dill Seed Essential Oil is a warm, spicy oil that is considered to help relax and promote sleep when used in small dilutions. It is also said to repel insects. Organic Dill Seed Oil has a mild, spicy aroma similar to caraway. It blends nicely with citrus essential oils including neroli as well as mint essential oils.

1/2 fl oz.: $27.60 (Originally: $46.00)
1 fl oz.: $39.43 (Originally: $65.72)
2 fl oz.: $63.08 (Originally: $105.14)
4 fl oz.: $110.40 (Originally: $184.00)
8 fl oz.: $189.26 (Originally: $315.43)
16 fl oz.: $346.97 (Originally: $578.29)
32 fl oz.: $630.86 (Originally: $1,051.44)

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Bourbon), South Africa - Save 30%

Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Bourbon), Pelargonium roseum asperum, possesses a stronger floral aroma than traditional geranium oils. It combines nicely with oils such as bay, orange, rose, bergamot, clary sage, sandalwood, lavender, chamomile and lemon. Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil is frequently used in aromatherapy, skin care, soap making and massage applications.

1/16 fl oz.: $9.24 (Originally: $13.20)
1/4 fl oz.: $20.91 (Originally: $29.87)
1/2 fl oz.: $34.20 (Originally: $48.86)
1 fl oz.: $55.96 (Originally: $79.94)
2 fl oz.: $99.98 (Originally: $142.83)
4 fl oz.: $176.76 (Originally: $252.52)
8 fl oz.: $308.46 (Originally: $440.65)
16 fl oz.: $572.12 (Originally: $817.31)
32 fl oz.: $966.12 (Originally: $1,380.17)

Vegetable Oils - Conventional

Andiroba Oil (Refined) - SAVE 35%

Andiroba Oil, Carapa guianensis, has been used for generations by Amazonian tribes to heal skin conditions and to treat muscular aches and pains. Andiroba Oil is golden in color and has a mild, fruity aroma. It possesses a unique combination of essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds. Andiroba Oil is highly emollient and is an effective moisturizing oil for products intended to heal dry and cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis. This oil penetrates the skin quickly, acting as an excellent emollient carrier oil. The content of limonoids and triterpenes within Andiroba Oil makes it a noteworthy anti-inflammatory. It is a highly beneficial ingredient in formulations intended to treat acne, reduce swelling and ease muscular aches and pains. Andiroba Oil also acts as a noteworthy insect repellent. Andiroba Oil has traditionally been used in soap making for specialty soaps intended to aid skin conditions and to help ward off insects.

2 fl oz.: $7.22 (Originally: $11.10)
4 fl oz.: $12.12 (Originally: $18.65)
8 fl oz.: $19.62 (Originally: $30.19)
16 fl oz.: $34.63 (Originally: $53.28)
32 fl oz.: $60.03 (Originally: $92.35)
64 fl oz.: $101.59 (Originally: $156.29)
1 gal.: $166.23 (Originally: $255.74)

Blackcurrant Seed Oil, CP, 15% GLA - SAVE 25%

Blackcurrants are native to the United Kingdom and regions of Europe and Asia. The berries grow on tiny shrubs that reach a height up to 6 tall. Blackcurrants are traditionally used as a flavoring and as a key ingredient within jams, deserts, syrups and liqueurs. Throughout history, blackcurrants have been used medicinally. The berries are rich in Vitamin C and have been consumed in place of citrus fruits within the UK when citrus fruits have been difficult to procure.

1 fl oz.: $6.68 (Originally: $8.91)
2 fl oz.: $8.07 (Originally: $10.76)
4 fl oz.: $11.65 (Originally: $15.53)
8 fl oz.: $19.31 (Originally: $25.75)
16 fl oz.: $31.13 (Originally: $41.50)
32 fl oz.: $54.74 (Originally: $72.99)
64 fl oz.: $97.09 (Originally: $129.45)
1 gal.: $167.48 (Originally: $223.31)

Monoi de Tahiti - SAVE 25%

Monoi de Tahiti is a precious and exotic cosmetic oil, manufactured in Polynesia, according to a French Government Decree, which explicitly describes the process by which this oil must be made. The oil is created by soaking/macerating 10 Tiare flowers, which must come from French Polynesia, per litre of refined coconut oil for a minimum of 10 days. Our authentic Monoi de Tahiti carries an "Appellation of Origin" guarantee and is produced under very controlled manufacturing methods to ensure the highest quality oil.

4 fl oz.: $7.37 (Originally: $9.82)
8 fl oz.: $12.27 (Originally: $16.36)
16 fl oz.: $22.09 (Originally: $29.45)
32 fl oz.: $39.26 (Originally: $52.35)
64 fl oz.: $68.72 (Originally: $91.62)
1 gal.: $127.61 (Originally: $170.14)
2 gal.: $235.58 (Originally: $314.11)
5 gal.: $539.88 (Originally: $719.84)

Milk Powders

Buttermilk Powder - SAVE 25%

Buttermilk Powder is soothing and moisturizing when used alone as a bath soak or when included in milk baths, bath salts, or other bath formulations. Buttermilk Powder can be combined with other milk powders, cornstarch, powdered herbs, oatmeal and rice bran.

1 lb.: $9.86 (Originally: $13.14)
5 lbs.: $41.06 (Originally: $54.75)


Chickpea Flour - SAVE 30%

Chickpea flour is used in Indian Ubtan (body pack) as a gentle exfoliant for the skin. Blend with other dry powdered ingredients such as oatmeal, rice flour, almond or cashew meal, cinnamon powder, turmeric, cardamom, rose petal powder, sandalwood powder and milk or yogurt to create naturally cleansing ubtan mixes. Blend your dry ubtan with hydrosols and heavy cream and apply to dry skin. Massage the ubtan until it dries and falls off the skin and then rinse clean. Ubtans have been used since ancient times as part of the tradition Indian beautification rituals before marriage. Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe the use of ubtans as natural soap-free cleansers for individuals with sensitive skin.

1 lb.: $4.46 (Originally: $6.37)
5 lbs.: $15.41 (Originally: $22.02)
25 lbs.: $66.28 (Originally: $94.69)
50 lbs.: $123.73 (Originally: $176.75)

Bath and Skin Care Bases

Hemp Base Melt and Pour Soap Base - SAVE 25%

Our Hemp Oil Melt and Pour Soap Base is made with skin nourishing Hemp Oil. You may add even more Hemp Oil if you wish (available within our Vegetable Oil Category).

2 lbs.: $7.49 (Originally: $9.99)
6 lbs.: $20.63 (Originally: $27.50)
10 lbs.: $33.74 (Originally: $44.99)
20 lbs.: $56.24 (Originally: $74.99)
40 lbs.: $104.99 (Originally: $139.99)

Bath Accessories

Ramie Terry Glove With Cuff - SAVE 25%

Soft ramie terry provides gentle exfoliation in the bath and looks great with your natural skin care products.

each: $2.33 (Originally: $3.10)
Case/10: $13.95 (Originally: $18.60)
Carton/200: $232.49 (Originally: $309.99)

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