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Soap making with our quality melt and pour soap bases is easy, convenient, and doesn't require the use of caustic lye. We offer a nice selection of luxurious specialty bases including cocoa butter, shea butter, goat's milk, honey and aloe vera. We also offer coconut bases including our colored transparent bases. All of our bases are unscented except for our Honey Melt & Pour Base. It possesses the beautiful aroma of raw honey.

Our formulations are gentle on the skin and do not contain unnecessary preservatives. We have avoided the use of harsh chemicals to the extent possible. Our gentle bases should not be microwaved or overheated as high heat will reduce the quantity of lather that the soap makes.

Our bases are sold in 2 pound blocks. Each block is 1" thick and has perforated lines that make it easy to cut the block into small cubes for more even melting.

We also offer a large selection of soap molds that are perfect to use with our melt and pour soap bases. Please see the Molds category of our Equipment section for a listing of our molds.

The colors, shapes, textures and styles of the soaps that you can make with our melt and pour soap bases is unlimited. For wonderful ideas, recipes and tips complete with vivid photographs, we recommend the 136-page book Melt & Mold Soap Crafting by C. Kaila Westerman. You can find this book within the Bookstore section of our site.

Our Melt & Pour Soapmaking Kit makes it easy learn Melt & Pour Soapmaking. It contains two melt & pour soap bases, two molds, six fragrance oils, six colorants, and the book Melt & Mold Soap Crafting.

Basic Melt and Pour Soap Making Steps:
To make melt and pour soap, cut your chosen soap base into cubes using the perforated grid on the block as a guideline. Each cut cube is approximately 1 ounce. Heat water to boiling in the bottom pot of a double boiler. Then, reduce heat to simmer. In the top pot of the boiler, add the soap cubes. Stir frequently until they have melted. Then add any desired colorant, clays or other additives (except for solid ingredients and essential/fragrance oils), and stir until well incorporated. Immediately remove your melted soap from of the stove, and let it cool slightly. Stir the soap frequently as it cools. Add your desired fragrance, and stir well. It's best that you wait until the soap has cooled before adding essential or fragrance oils so that the oils don't evaporate before the soap cools. After the soap has cooled slightly, it can be poured into molds. Your soap should be ready to unmold within 2 hours.

Preservatives do not need to be added to your soap unless you are using milk, fruit or other fragile ingredients. Use about .5 - 1 oz. fragrance oil or .5 oz. of essential oil per pound of soap. You will need to experiment with the amount of fragrance or essential oil to add as it can vary depending on the oil's aromatic strength. Clays can be used as natural colorants. Dry ingredients such as clays, oatmeal, herbs or fruit seeds should be added at a rate of about 1 tablespoon per lb. of soap. This base will not suspend heavy particles, so try to add solid ingredients when the soap has cooled slightly. Do not overheat or microwave soap bases as high heat will ruin the lather and make the soap brittle. Glycerin soaps should be packaged immediately after removing them from molds to avoid condensation on the bar. Fingerprints can be removed from soap with a little bit of alcohol.

Colored M&P Soap Bases

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Black

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Blue

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Dark Green

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Kelly Green

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Orange

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Purple

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Red

Melt & Pour: Colored Transparent Base, Yellow

Specialty M&P Soap Bases

Melt & Pour: 4 Cs Herbal Blend

Melt & Pour: Aloe Vera Transparent Base

Melt & Pour: Avocado & Cucumber Base

Melt & Pour: Cocoa Butter Opaque Base

Melt & Pour: Cold Cream Base

Melt & Pour: Goat's Milk White Base

Melt & Pour: Green Tea & Hibiscus

Melt & Pour: Honey Base

Melt & Pour: Olive Oil Clear Base

Melt & Pour: Rose Hip & Jojoba Base

Melt & Pour: Seaweed

Melt & Pour: Shea Butter Base Opaque

Melt & Pour: Skin Nourishing Blend

Melt & Pour: Suspension

Melt and Pour: Hemp Base Sale!

Regular M&P Soap Bases

Kit: Melt & Pour Soap Making

Melt & Pour: Coconut Opaque Base

Melt & Pour: Coconut Transparent Base, Ultra Clear

Our Melt & Pour Soapmaking Kit makes it easy learn Melt & Pour Soapmaking.
It contains two melt & pour soap bases, two molds, six fragrance oils, six colorants, and the book Melt & Mold Soap Crafting.

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