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FD & C

Our D&C and FD&C powders are a concentrated water based dye in dry powder form. Dilute the powder in distilled water and mix well. Our liquid organic (not to be confused with certified organic products) dyes are pre-mixed and are water based. Our dyes are great for soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, body powders, and other water based or dry formulations. These dyes are not always stable in alkaline formulations and may fade in soaps. Please test dyes in your products to see if they will remain stable over time.

Using either our liquid dye or the powdered dye diluted in distilled water, add the dye to your water phase drop by drop until you get the desired color. When adding dyes to dry salts or powders, you will need to be patient while mixing as it takes awhile, but it will color uniformly.

We offer each of the below colors in both powdered and liquid form. We also offer sampler packages that allow you to experiment affordably with all of the colors of either the powdered or liquid dyes.

D&C and FD&C colorants are not suitable for use in lip balm as they are water based and will separate. They, however, are approved for use in cosmetics. For coloring lip products, please see our pearlescent micas.

Please visit the Color Additive Usage Guide to determine which color additives are safe to use for your particular application.

Color Additive: D&C Green #5 Powder

Color Additive: D&C Green #8 Powder

Color Additive: D&C Orange #4 Powder

Color Additive: D&C Red #22 Powder

Color Additive: D&C Red No. 33 Powder

Color Additive: D&C Violet #2 Powder

Color Additive: FD&C Blue #1 Powder

Color Additive: FD&C Green #3 Powder

Color Additive: FD&C Red #40 Powder

Color Additive: FD&C Yellow #5 Powder

Color Additive: FD&C Yellow #6 Powder

Color Additive: Liquid D & C Green #6 Oil

Color Additive: Liquid D & C Red #17 Oil

Color Additive: Liquid D & C Violet # 2 Oil

Color Additive: Liquid D & C Yellow #11 Oil

Color Additive: Liquid D&C Green #5

Color Additive: Liquid D&C Green #8

Color Additive: Liquid D&C Orange #4

Color Additive: Liquid D&C Red #22

Color Additive: Liquid D&C Red #33

Color Additive: Liquid D&C Violet #2

Color Additive: Liquid FD&C Blue #1

Color Additive: Liquid FD&C Green #3

Color Additive: Liquid FD&C Red #40

Color Additive: Liquid FD&C Yellow #5

Color Additive: Liquid FD&C Yellow #6

Sampler: Colorant Dye Powder Sample Pack

Sampler: Liquid Dye Sampler Pack

Oxides & Ultramarines

Our inorganic pigments can be used for a variety of applications. Please read each description or visit the Color Additive Usage Guide to identify which pigments are safe for your particular application.

Except for the water dispersible Titanium Dioxide shown below, all of the below pigments must first be dispersed in oil and then added to your batch or product. These will not work in water formulations such as body sprays or low viscosity formulations such as body oils.

We also offer a sampler package that allows you to experiment affordably with a selection of the below pigments.

Color Additive: Aqua Green

Color Additive: Black Oxide

Color Additive: Chromium Oxide Green

Color Additive: Manganese Violet

Color Additive: Red Oxide (Brick)

Color Additive: Red Oxide (Plum)

Color Additive: Titanium Dioxide, Oil Dispersible

Color Additive: Titanium Dioxide, Water Dispersible

Color Additive: Ultramarine Blue (Dark)

Color Additive: Ultramarine Pink

Color Additive: Ultramarine Violet

Color Additive: Yellow Oxide

Mineral Base: Zinc Oxide, High Micron

Pearlescent Micas

Pearlescent micas are used to add color and sheen to various cosmetic products and are mostly used in the production of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. They are now becoming very popular as loose mineral make-up that you can make yourself. You can create virtually any shade of mineral make-up for your face by combining various shades of micas. Other pigments and additives can be used to darken or lighten colors and to create mineral make-up bases.

In addition to creating mineral make-up, micas can also be used to color lip balms, bath salts, bath bombs, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps (check for color fading possibility in a small batch first), lotions bars, body gels, body powders and milk baths.

Micas use light reflection, refraction, and transmission to exhibit their effects much like a prism creates various colors as light passes through it. They are made by coating small platelets of mica with various dyes and pigments. The size of the mica particle is measured in microns and determines the luster of the mica (the ability of the mica to bend and reflect light).

Each mica has a particle size range listed. The smaller of the 2 numbers (in microns) refers to the smallest particle size and the larger number refers to the largest particles. The overall visual size of the mica will be an average of the two numbers.

Smaller sizes will give a pearlescent effect with a smooth sheen. Medium size particles give a satin effect. Large particle sizes give a sparkle effect. The smaller the particle size is, the more opaque it will make your product. So you can use the fine micas to opacify transparent soaps. Some micas are first coated with an iron oxide which absorbs light and then it is coated with an interference color to reflect light. The result is a two-tone mica which changes color as it turns.

Micas can be heavy and therefore may settle out in low viscosity. To use in soaps, pour your soaps at cooler temperatures as they will suspend the micas better. To achieve the real effect of a mica in soap, the particles need to be aligned in the same direction - you can try pouring your soap and then "combing" the surface of the soap in one direction using a spatula. You will get different results when you add micas to colored verses non-colored soaps. Having a background color enhances the effects of the mica.

To add mica powder to a liquid formulation, first disperse the mica in a small amount of oil and then add the colored oil to the batch once all the clumps are broken up. Micas are easily stirred into dry salts and powders. Please be sure to heed the "Not Safe for Lips" and "Not Stable in CP (Cold Process) Soap" precautions.

Visit the Mica Safety Chart to determine which micas are safe to use for your particular application.

Mica: Amber

Mica: Avocado

Mica: Aztec Aqua

Mica: Biron MTU

Mica: Black

Mica: Blue Glimmer

Mica: Blue Green Glimmer

Mica: Bordeaux Lustre

Mica: Bronze

Mica: Cobalt

Mica: Copper

Mica: Copper Glow

Mica: FDA Blue

Mica: FDA Coral

Mica: FDA Green

Mica: FDA Yellow

Mica: Gold Karat Sparkle

Mica: Golden Glow

Mica: Island Green

Mica: Jeweltone Emerald

Mica: Jeweltone Garnet

Mica: Jeweltone Jade

Mica: Jeweltone Moonstone

Mica: Jeweltone Ruby

Mica: Jeweltone Sapphire

Mica: Jeweltone Sunstone

Mica: Jeweltone Tan Opal

Mica: Jeweltone Topaz

Mica: Lavender

Mica: Lavender Glow

Mica: Midnight

Mica: Oriental Beige Lustre

Mica: Patina Gold Lustre

Mica: Pink Glimmer

Mica: Red Glimmer

Mica: Red Heart

Mica: Rouge Flambe

Mica: Royal Eggplant

Mica: Sienna Lustre

Mica: Silver Sparkle

Mica: Sun Gold

Mica: Tangerine

Mica: Two Tone Blue Green

Mica: Two Tone Blue Violet

Mica: Two Tone Red Blue

Mica: Two Tone Red Gold

Mineral Base: Magnesium Stearate, NF

Mineral Base: Ronasphere LDP

Sampler: Blues/Greens/Purples Pearlescent Micas

Sampler: Gold, Silver, Copper & Neutrals Pearlescent Micas

Sampler: Mica

Sampler: Red/Orange/Yellow Pearlescent Micas

Sampler: Two Tone Pearlescent Micas

Natural Herbal Soap Colorants

Ayurvedic Herb: Henna Leaf Powder

CO2 Extract: Gromwell Root Total

Herb: Alkanet Root Powder

Herb: Annatto Seeds

Herb: Beet Root Powder

Herb: Carrot Root Powder

Herb: Nettles, Stinging, Powder

Herb: Parsley Powder

Natural Color Additive: Peat Carbon, Oil Dispersible Powder

Natural Color Extract: Annatto, Oil Soluble Liquid

Natural Color Extract: Annatto, Water Soluble Powder

Natural Color Extract: Chlorophyllin Copper Complex, Water Soluble Powder

Natural Color Extract: Logwood, Water Soluble Powder

Powdered Extract: Brazilwood, Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Buckthorn, Oil Dispersible

Powdered Extract: Cutch, Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Dyer's Broom, Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Genipa, Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Goldenrod, Oil Dispersible

Powdered Extract: Goldenrod, Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Indigo, Oil Dispersible

Powdered Extract: Madder Root, Concentrated Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Madder Root, Oil Dispersible

Powdered Extract: Madder Root, Water Soluble

Powdered Extract: Sorghum, Oil Dispersible

Seed Powder: Raspberry
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