Spring Carrot & Lemongrass Ginger Soap

A cold processed bar soap made with Carrot Powder, Ginger and Lemongrass Essential Oils, and a moisturizing blend of oils and butters.

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This shopping list includes the FNWL ingredients needed for this recipe. The recipe for this formulation and many others can be found on our blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop.


Cart Product ID Description Size Quantity
HERBCARROTPWDUS360 Herb: Carrot Root Powder 1 lb.
BUTCOCOAPPPID47 Butter: Cocoa, Pure Prime Pressed 4 fl oz.
OEOLEMGRASSIN751 Organic Essential Oil: Lemongrass, India 1 fl oz.
ORGOILOLIVEEVES64 Organic Oil: Olive, Extra Virgin 8 fl oz.
ORGOILOLIVEEVES64 Organic Oil: Olive, Extra Virgin 8 fl oz.
ORGOILCASTORIN64 Organic Oil: Castor 8 fl oz.
EOGINGE Essential Oil: Ginger, China 1 fl oz.
ORGOILBABASSUEXPNL111 Organic Oil: Babassu 4 fl oz.
OILAPRICOTCPIT64 Oil: Apricot Kernel, Refined 8 fl oz.

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