Blossom Body Cream

A fresh emulsion of Mango, Babassu, and Cocoa Butter with aromatic Hydrosols and Essential Oils.

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This recipe is an aromatic delight! It makes about 4 ounces by weight and a little more by volume since it is whipped. The naturally aromatic hydrosols and essential oils in this recipe give the cream an intense floral aroma.

This shopping list includes the FNWL ingredients needed for this recipe. The recipe for this formulation and many others can be found on our blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop.


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JARFLINT2W Container: Flint Glass, 2 oz, White Cap each
BUTMANGO Butter: Mango 4 fl oz.
WAXEMULUS86 Wax: Emulsifying (veg. based) 1 lb.
OTHSTEARIC Stearic Acid 2 lbs.
ORGHYDLAVANGFR257 Organic Hydrosol: Lavender 2 fl oz.
OTHGSE Preservative: Grapefruit Seed Extract 1 fl oz.
BUTCOCOADEODUS397 Butter: Cocoa Butter, Deodorized 4 fl oz.
EONEROLIMA257 Essential Oil: Neroli, Morocco 1/16 fl oz.
OEOYLANGCOMPMG257 Organic Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang Complete, Madagascar 1/4 fl oz.
ORGGLYPFIN606 Organic Glycerin (Palm-Free) 16 fl oz.
ORGOILBABASSUEXPNL111 Organic Oil: Babassu 4 fl oz.

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