Oatmeal and Chamomile Foaming Cleanser

A foaming cleanser made with soothing oatmeal and chamomile.

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This shopping list includes the FNWL ingredients needed for this recipe. The recipe for this formulation and many others can be found on our blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop.


Cart Product ID Description Size Quantity
BASESHEASHWGLCA23 Base: Shea Butter Shower Gel 16 fl oz.
WAXBEADSIERRAUS87 Jojoba Wax Beads, Sierra Blue 2 wt oz.
CLAYCHINAGB35 Clay: Kaolin, White 8 wt oz.
EOCHAMGERMGB444 Essential Oil: Chamomile, German, England 1/4 fl oz.
JARFLINT2W Container: Flint Glass, 2 oz, White Cap each
ORGGRWHOATFLRUS235_100 Organic Grain Products: Whole Oat Flour 8 wt oz.
WAXBEADWHITEUS87 Jojoba Wax Beads, White 2 wt oz.
WAXBEADBABYUS87 Jojoba Wax Beads, Baby Blue 2 wt oz.
OILOATEEUK254 Oil: Oat 1 fl oz.
JARFLINT2W Container: Flint Glass, 2 oz, White Cap each

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"I just came home this morning from spending a week in Iceland. While there, I enjoyed time in their natural hot springs and experienced first hand the healing properties of their salt-water geothermal pools. I immediately went to FromNatureWithLove.com to see what salts you have to choose from. I knew that you'd have Dead Sea salts and hoped that if I bought them I'd get similar results. What I found astounded me (yet, it's FNWL, so I really shouldn't be surprised that you had it). You have Iceland's wonderful salts! As if I needed another reason to love you! Keep up the UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL work!"
- Alisha R. Tillman | Upper Montclair, NJ

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