Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil

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Our Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves and branches of sustainably harvested from Luma chequen, a shrubby evergreen that is native to Peru.

Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil has a somewhat similar composition to that of Myrtle Essential Oil that is steam distilled from Myrtus communis and shares many of the same properties and applications. It is comprised of approximately 60% monoterpenes including about 30% limonene. It's composition also includes approximately 15% Cineole and 9% Linalol.

Due to its content of monoterpenes and cineole, Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil is well suited for use in formulations intended to support respiratory health. It also helps support muscular health and is beneficial include in massage formulations. Its properties also make it well suited for aromatic applications intended to convey and support cleanliness and freshness.

Emotionally, Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil is an invigorating oil that can help to combat feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

Aromatically, Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil possesses a crisp, green, lemony, woody, camphorous aroma. It blends particularly well with essential oils within the wood, conifer, mint, citrus and medicinal families.

We have had our Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil independently GC/MS tested by Essential Validation Services. The GC/MS report is available here.

Although Essential Oil Safety Edition 2 by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young do not include an entry specific for Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil that is steam distilled specifically from Luma chequen, their suggested maximum dermal limit of 1.9% for Myrtle steam distilled from Myrtus communis may be worth noting as a basis for comparison and extrapolating safety information. The low dermal limit for common Myrtle Oil is due to the typical presence of Estragole (Methyl Chavicol) and Methyl Eugenol. Third party GC/MS analysis of our Peruvian Myrtle Essential Oil indicates that it contains 0.13% Estragole (Methyl Chavicol) and 0.26% Methyl Eugenol. We strongly recommend referring to Essential Oil Safety Edition 2 to review and confirm safety information based on your intended use of the oil.

Origin: Peru
INCI: Luma Chequen (Myrtle) Oil
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Shelf Life: 2-3 Years

Documents: Safety Data Sheet   GC/MS Analysis

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