Kukui Nut Oil

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The kukui tree is a large, leafy, flowering tree that is indigenous to Hawaii and other tropical regions worldwide. The tree produces large nuts with seeds that are abundant in nutritive oil.

The kukui tree has a fascinating history that includes its recognition and reverence as the state tree of Hawaii. The nuts are often referred to as candlenuts because they have a traditional history of being strung and lit as candles due to their high oil content and ability to burn and produce light.

Our Kukui Nut Oil is cold pressed from kukui nuts that are sourced from Europe, Asia and USA. The oil is then refined, bleached and deodorized to produce a pale yellow oil with minimal aroma and beautiful texture. It is handled, stored and packaged to maintain the purity, freshness and beneficial properties of this extraordinary oil.


Kukui Nut Oil is a highly nutritive oil that is primarily comprised of polyunsaturated fatty acids including up to 34% of the Omega-3 essential fatty acid Linolenic Acid. The oil absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling beautifully smooth. With its virtually colorless appearance and very mild aroma, Kukui Nut Oil is a versatile oil that is an exceptional choice for inclusion within a wide array of beauty, cosmetic and personal care formulations. Kukui Nut Oil softens, soothes and protects the skin and hair and leaves both feeling nourished and hydrated. It is especially well suited for parched, dry, itchy, mature and problem skin types.


  • Virtually Clear, Pale Yellow Hue
  • Very Mild, Characteristic Aroma
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Moisturizing and Emollient
  • Fatty Acid Composition:
    • C16:0 Palmitic Acid: 2.0-10.0%
    • C18:0 Stearic Acid: 1.0-8.0%
    • C18:1 Oleic Acid (Omega-9): 17.0-34.0%
    • C18:2 Linoleic Acid (Omega-6): 27.0-52.0%
    • C18:3 Linolenic Acid (Omega-3): 17.0-34.0%

Kukui Nut Oil is Perfectly Suited for the Following Personal Care Applications:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Nail Care
  • Lip Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Aromatherapy

Recommended Usage: 1-100%

Origin: Denmark
INCI: Aleurites Moluccana (Kukui) Nut Oil
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed, Refined, Bleached and Deodorized
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Saponification Value (mg KOH/g oil): 185 - 195
SAP Multiplier for NaOH: 0.135
SAP Multiplier for KOH: 0.19

Documents: Safety Data Sheet   Specifications

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