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From Nature With Love Affiliate Terms and Conditions

From Nature With Love is eager to work with sites that are intended for professional personal care artisans, formulators, educators, aromatherapists and practitioners that utilize premium quality certified organic and conventional natural ingredients used for personal care formulation.

By applying to become an affiliate of the FNWL Affiliate Program, you agree that you operate a website that fits that description. You also agree to the below terms:

  • Affiliates who are accepted into the program will earn 8% commission on the sale of qualifying products and ingredients from new customers that entered the From Nature With Love Web site via approved links placed on their Web sites. Since the intent of the Affiliate Program is to offer this generous 8% commission to affiliates that attract new customers to FNWL, Affiliates are not eligible to earn commissions on purchases made by existing From Nature With Love customers.

  • We are not able to approve sites into the program that have less than 50,000 page views monthly, contain no content, are under construction, are saturated with other affiliate links or that are not targeted towards the valued customer base that we serve. Sites that contain pornography, vulgarity, unlawful content, offensive content or other content that From Nature With Love deems questionable are not eligible for participation within the FNWL Affiliate Program.

  • Commissions are paid on a quarterly basis as promptly as possible after a calendar quarter has ended. Calendar quarters each year consist of three month durations during the following periods:

    January 1 - March 31
    April 1 - Jun 30
    July 1 - September 30
    October 1 - December 31

  • Affiliates who earn $24.99 or less per quarter will forfeit their earnings for that quarter. Commission earnings cannot be carried over into the following quarter.

  • From Nature With Love remits compensation for earned commissions via business check, mailed to the address that you supply at the time that you apply to join the program. If your address changes, please be certain to contact

  • If you reside in the United States, From Nature With Love will report your earnings to the IRS. You must supply a valid Federal Tax ID number at the time that you apply for the program. If you are a sole proprietor or are operating the affiliate program from a Web site that you operate/manage yourself, place your social security number in the Federal Tax ID form field. Otherwise, use your company's assigned Federal Tax ID number. You are still obligated to report your earnings from the affiliate program.

  • From Nature With Love does not withhold tax from commission payments. It is your responsibility to report and remit any necessary tax on your earnings to your local and federal government.

  • Affiliates not located in the United States are responsible for finding a financial institution in their region that is able to cash or deposit checks drawn on a United States bank. International affiliates are also responsible for any applicable service fees that are incurred when cashing or depositing such checks.

  • Those that are accepted into the program will be granted access to an area that includes the proper affiliate URL links, banners and instructions for placing the links within their Web sites. Affiliates, however, are responsible for adequate familiarity with Web page development/setup/HTML scriping and proper link placement within their Web pages.

  • If an affiliate does not properly use the affiliate link code provided after acceptance into the program, From Nature With Love cannot award commissions on sales stemming from those links. there is no way to track links that do not include the proper affiliate tracking code.

  • Applicants and affiliates understand and agree that sale, clearance items, our print catalog and purchases made using a gift certificate are not eligible for commission earnings.

  • The intent of the Affiliate Program is to offer a generous 8% commission to affiliates that attract new customers to FNWL. Applicants and affiliates understand and agree that affiliates are not eligible for commissions on purchases made by existing From Nature With Love customers.

  • You agree to permit From Nature With Love to contact you via e-mail or telephone regarding your affiliate program enrollment. Such mailings or calls may include suggestions on how to increase your earnings. These mailings may also include information on Affiliate Program changes or new products or programs that you may wish to promote and link directly to from your site.

  • From Nature With Love reserves the right to discontinue the Affiliate Program at any time, in its discretion. Should FNWL decide to terminate the program, affiliates will be compensated for their earnings, with all other terms in place, up until the time that the program is terminated.

  • From Nature With Love reserves the right to remove any company from the Affiliate Program that does not add the affiliate links to its site within 30 days of being approved into the program. FNWL must also reserve the right to remove affiliates from the program that have not earned commissions within the past 90 days (this applies only to affiliates to have been a member of the program for at least 90 days). Companies that no longer include the affiliate links on their site or have a working Web site address will also be deleted from the program unless we are informed that the site is temporarily offline or under construction.

  • Those that are approved into the program will be given access to banners and text that they may use on their site as a part of the affiliate program. Affiliates may not use any other text or photos contained within our site or print publications without express permission.

  • From Nature With Love also reserves the right to remove any company from the Affiliate Program that does not supply a working e-mail address, that embeds our site within a framed Web site or that sends out unsolicited e-mail (spam) which includes links or references to From Nature With Love.

  • From Nature With Love reserves the right to terminate an affiliate within the program for any reason, at any time.

  • From Nature With Love will not approve any site into the program if the site cannot be accessed for review. If your site is under construction, please wait to submit your application until after your site is accessible. Otherwise, we will need to deny your application, and you will need to resubmit it once your site can be reviewed.

  • From Nature With Love reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice, at any time.

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