Part 09: Recipe: Eye Liner

The recipes contained in this guide were formulated using small size volumetric measurements as most individuals have measuring spoons on hand. The disadvantage is that measuring solid ingredients by volume can be slightly unreliable between batches. If you have a small unit scale that is capable of measuring dry ingredients in grams, we recommend that you convert these recipes accordingly.

This simple recipe makes a brush-on black eye liner that stays on well and can be adapted to your shade preferences.


Powdered Ingredients:

Lipids and Waxes:

Below are the specific quantities to make enough product to fit into a 1/2 ounce plastic jar:

Powdered Ingredients:

Lipids and Waxes:


  • Measurements are taken in level not heaping teaspoons.

  • You will need a very narrow and thin brush for this eye liner. You may wish to adjust the amount of oil or wax in this recipe to fine-tune the level of coverage that you get with your brush and application style. For a slightly thinner liner that spreads on easier, add a few extra drops of vegetable oil. For a firmer eye liner, use less oil or try adding a little more Beeswax.


  • Heat water to boiling in the bottom pot of a double boiler.

  • Place the Jojoba, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax and Stearic Acid into the the top insert of the double boiler, and allow to melt. Stir frequently.

  • While the lipid/wax mixture is heating, combine the powdered ingredients in a separate bowl and have them waiting.

  • When the lipid/wax mixture is thoroughly melted, quickly pour it into a glass measuring cup or other heatproof glass container.

  • Quickly add the powdered ingredients and stir well.

  • Immediately spoon the eyeliner into a jar.

  • Allow to thoroughly cool.

Packaging Suggestions:

  • Package in a 1/2 ounce plastic clear or opaque jar.

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