Using your Oil Lamp

To Fill Your Oil Lamp

Remove the wick and insert the funnel provided, holding it loosely in the candle so air can escape as you pour lamp oil through the funnel. Fill oil reservoir to no more than 3/4 full for all oil candles and lamps. Gently place the wick back into the candle. IMPORTANT: allow about 30 minutes (for candles with reservoirs under 9 inches tall) to 2 hours (for candles with reservoirs taller than 9 inches) so the wick can absorb sufficient oil before lighting.

Wick Tips

Although the wick was properly adjusted before your candle was shipped, you should check it before use. Our wicks typically never need to be replaced because they are composed of fiberglass strands, enclosed in a glass tube. So the wick itself does not burn, but draws up oil through the reservoir so only the oil burns off the top.

Please be aware that when you change types of fuel - and sometimes even brands of lamp oil - damage to your lifetime wick may result. It might then be necessary to replace your wick because the fiberglass strands can gum together and no longer absorb the oil efficiently.

The tops of the fiberglass strands should be exactly even with the top of the glass tube. If too low, gently push them up if the wick is 5 inches or less. For longer wicks, pull the fibers up very slightly with tweezers. DO NOT pull the fiberglass strands from their tube.

Lamp Oil

We recommend using only pure liquid paraffin. Avoid inexpensive lamp oils because they tend to smoke and emit a stronger odor. Never use kerosene, alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner or acetone because they are unsafe. If you have any questions about what to use, please call us at (888) 376-6695.

Cleaning Your Oil Lamp

To Clean The Outside:

Simply dust as needed. Occasionally wipe with any glass cleaner.

To Clean The Inside:

  1. Remove wick.
  2. Pour remaining oil into an empty bottle with a screw on cap for proper disposal. Do not pour the oil down a sink or toilet.
  3. Pour a small quantity (1/4 tsp.) of high quality granular automatic dishwasher soap into the candle.
  4. Fill candle almost to the top with very warm water. Allow to set overnight.
  5. The next day, pour out the soap solution and thoroughly rinse the inside with clean water from your tap. Repeat this rinsing process enough times to make certain all the soap solution has been removed and only clear water remains.
  6. Remove as much water as possible from your candle. Put the candle upright on a cookie sheet and set in a moderately hot (325o) oven for about 30 minutes.
  7. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off but do not remove the candle. Allow the oven and candle to completely cool before removing the candle.

You should be able to take the candle out of the oven in 1-2 hours (after it's been turned off). If there's any moisture left in the candle, repeat the "baking" step (#6 & #7).

After cleaning the inside, and before refilling with lamp oil, spray a soft cloth with a high quality glass cleaner and clean the outside of the candle. If you avoid spraying directly onto the candle, there'll be less chance of the spray being misdirected in the inside of the candle through the wick hole. Fill your candle with fresh lamp oil to the prescribed level - and enjoy your sparkling candle! Remember, if you're also replacing the wick at this time, you may have to allow time (see instruction sheet) for the oil to be drawn up to the top of the wick.

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