Vanilla Bay Recipe

Submitted By:

Michele of Jenison, MI


2 C. Woody Blend


1/8 C. Mini Pine Cones
1/2 C. Oakmoss
1/4 C. Curly Pods
1/4 C. Sponge Mushroom
1/2 C. Polbosa Bleached
1/8 c. Bay Leaves
3-5 Carob Bean Pods
1/4 C. Orange Peel Ribbons
1 tsp. Vanilla FO
1 tsp. Bay Rum FO


In glass jar,layer all ingredients with oakmoss, pine cones, and mushrooms on top. Add FO to top ingredients and let sit a minute. Toss all, cap jar, and let sit 2 weeks in the dark. Check scent. If stronger scent desired, add more to mushrooms, oakmoss, and pinecones. Let sit another 2 weeks. Package.

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