Summer Salt Scrub Recipe

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Jo Ann of Silver Spring, MD


A refreshing salt scrub for summer!


(* All ingredients are approximate, use more or less to suit)
2 cups Sea Salt
1/2 cup Corn Meal
1/2 cup light oil
1 TSP Soapnut or liquid soap (opt)
EO or FO (for summer I use citrus scents like lemon, orange, grapefruit)
Powdered colorant (opt)


(*note: mix thoroughly each time an ingredient is added)
Pour & mix salt and corn meal in a large bowl. Mix in colorant & soapnut if using. For summer I use yellow, coral, or other "sunshiney" colors. I also add in a teeny bit of cosmetic grade glitter.
Add EO or FO's and let sit overnight with a paper towel covering it to "fix" the scent.
Next, pour and mix the oil and liquid soap.
I prefer light oils like grapeseed or almond, especially for the summer mix. For drier skin in the winter I use a heavier oil. The consistancy should be like damp sand.
Scoop into a plastic container (glass is too risky as this should be in the shower).
To use, scoop out a couple of fingerfulls and rub along the body BEFORE washing. Actually, with the soap already in it (you can omit if you like) additional washing may not be necessary, but I would avoid the face and other sensitive areas.
DEFINITELY avoid any cuts or abrasions as the salt would sting!

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