Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap Recipe

Submitted By:

Aaron of Mulberry, FL


Soap that looks like cookies!


1 lb white or clear coconut melt and pour base
Cocoa powder or brown pigment
1 lb cocoa butter
1 T Chocolate FO
Small round soap molds


This is a favorite of mine. These turn out very well!
Melt the cocoa butter with most of the white or clear base, leaving a little behind. I use white and add a little cocoa powder to it to get it a very soft brown.
Keep melted, although you can allow it to cool slightly. As it does add the chocolate FO.
Melt the leftover soap quickly and add a dark brown dye or a good amount of cocoa powder to make it a much deeper color than the first batch.
Lay this soap (the dark batch) out over a wax paper lined plate to become tacky.
When the soap has become harder (this is a small amount of soap and does not take long), pick off a few chunks ( these will be your chips ) and line them at the bottom of the soap molds.
Spritz very lightly with alcohol if desired.
Now add the cooled but semi liquid big batch over the hard chips.
Let sit for a few minutes to continue forming skin.
After the top layer of skin is formed ( the soap showing from the mold ), add some more of the leftover chips to this part to make the cookie appear as it has chips all over.
You can also drop a chip or two in to blend in and be more natural appearing when combining the soaps.
The cocoa butter gives the soap it's own scent, as does the cocoa powder, and it looks just like a little wax cookie. The lather is bubbly brown and very luxurious!

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