Summer Berry Recipe

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Kibby of Bronx, NY



1 Part Hibiscus Pods
1 Part Star Flowers Purple
2 Parts Globe Amaranth Natural White
1 Part Globe Amaranth Natural Pink
1/2 Part Angel Wings Pink
1 Part Milo Berry Natural
1 Part Cedar Chips Pink
1 Part Albezzia Leaves
1 Part Bora Flowers Violet
1 part Casurina Pods Natural
1 Part Lily Petals Natural


  1. Mix all your botanicals together in a large jar or bowl.

  2. The easiest easy way to add scent to the botanicals is to use a spray bottle and to mix the botanicals as you spray them with essential or fragrance oil.

  3. Allow the oil to soak in. Mix well without crushing the botanicals making sure that there are no pools of oil anywhere. Now you are ready to package your potpourri.

  4. Package your potpourri in cello bags, clear acetate boxes, glass apothecary jars or anything else that will show off the blend. Cello bags are a nice inexpensive way to package potpourri. A wide ribbon in one of your colors can be used to tie off the bag. Cardboard boxes with clear acetate covers are nice too and can be found at most packaging supplies. Ribbons or natural raffia ties are a nice touch. Before sealing the package add the highlight pieces one by one so they stand out where they can be seen against the packaging.

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