Ginger Citrus Dry Shampoo Recipe

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Dry shampoo


4 T white kaolin clay
2 T arrowroot powder
2 T powdered orange peel
2 drops hawaiian white ginger fragrance oil
3 drops orange fragrance oil


This provides a great lift for limp strands on those hurried days. It combines the oil absorbing quality of kaolin clay, the hair softening effect of arrowroot powder, and an energizing aroma. Combine the dry ingredients then mix in the fragrance oils 1 drop at a time, sifting once between each drop. Once all fragrance oil is added sift 5 more times, and place in a shaker container. To use, shake a small amount onto the roots of hair. Massage into scalp with fingers then brush through to remove excess.

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"I really feel that your company is the best that I have dealt with as far as service, quality and price. It means a great deal to me to be able to buy just a small quantity to experiment with and then to save on larger quantities when I have perfected my recipe. I always find your oils superior in quality and freshness to others I have purchased elsewhere."
- Carole Wade | Bee Soft & Natural, Bolivar, MO

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