Good Bar Recipe

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Brian of Carson City, NV


Inexpensive oils can make a luxurious bar of soap


2.4 oz Sweet Almond Oil
4.0 oz Coconut Oil
3.4 oz Grapeseed Oil
2.4 oz Olive Oil
2.4 oz Palm Oil
2.4 oz Sunflower Oil
2.4 oz NaOH/Lye
5.7 oz Water


Combine oils, heat gently. Once the fats and oils are melted and the temperature is 100-125 degrees, the oils are ready. Temporarily set oils aside.
Combine the lye and the water. Add the lye slowly and stir constantly, never let a bunch of granules become caked on the bottom of the container. Once the temperature has cooled to 100-125 degrees, the lye solution is ready.
Combine the melted oils and lye solution together. Stir until tracing occurs. Add fragrance.
Pour into prepared molds. Allow 1 to 2 days to set-up. Remove from mold and cut into bars. Allow to cure. When the bars are cured, the pH reading should be between 7.5 and 9.0.

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