Milk-based Shea Butter Soap Recipe

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Very moisturizing soap that is difficult to make, but heaven to use!


8.6 ounces Canola Oil
8.6 ounces Coconut Oil
13.4 ounces Olive Oil
11.5 ounces Safflower Oil
5.8 ounces Shea Butter
47.0 ounces Vegetable Shortening
13.1 ounces Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH/Lye)
34.1 ounces Whole Milk
4.2 ounces Essential/Fragrance Oil


Milk based soaps are difficult to produce, mostly because the lye heats up the milk, and you must maintain a fairly narrow temperature range to make sure it neither scorches or becomes too cool.


  • In a double heater, melt the vegetable shortening, shea butter, and all the oils. Do not allow the oils to become too hot! Set the melted oils aside.
  • Place a large pot of previously frozen, then thawed milk (this process stabilizes the milk) in a sink filled with cool water and ice.
  • Pour the lye carefully (use goggles and rubber gloves) and very, very slowly, into the milk, while stirring. Allow about 15 minutes to pour all of the lye. Try to maintain a temperature of around 85 degrees F.
  • When the lye is poured, re-heat the oil mixture to 120 degrees F over low heat. This will not take long.
  • Wearing protective clothing, carefully pour the milk/lye mixture into the oils and stir. Using a stick blender, mix the oils and milk/lye well. Add the fragrances to the soap mixture while blending.
  • When blended fully, pour into the mold(s) of your choice, and allow to set up for at least 24 hours, but no more than 48 hours. Allow to cure for 6 weeks.

You'll have a wonderfully moisturizing soap that is pure heaven to use!

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