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Sleepytime Bath Oil

A soothing bath oil made with Essential Oils.

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Sleepytime Bath Oil

This shopping list includes the FNWL ingredients needed for this recipe. The recipe for this formulation and many others can be found on our blog, The Natural Beauty Workshop.


Cart Product ID Description Size Quantity
OEODILLFR257 Organic Essential Oil: Dill, France 1/2 fl oz
EOBERGIT615 Essential Oil: Bergamot (CP), Italy 1/2 fl oz
EOROMCHAMUSA Essential Oil: Chamomile, Roman, USA 1/8 fl oz
AMBERDROP4 Bottle: Amber Boston Round with Dropper, 4 oz. each
ORGOILMACCPVIRIN64 Organic Oil: Macadamia Nut 4 fl oz

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