Glacial Clay

Glacial Clay

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One of the rarest and purest clays in the world, Glacial Clay is gaining widespread recognition for its efficacy within beauty, cosmetic and personal care applications.

Our Glacial Clay is a 100% natural cosmetic clay sourced from a deposit that has recently been discovered in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Comprised of nontronite, illite and kaolin clays, Glacial Clay was gradually formed over the span of millions of years from the continuous striking of ancient glacial ice with volcanic ash. Green nontronite is a rare, mineral-rich clay that belongs to the smectite group of clay minerals.

Our Glacial Clay is carefully sourced and packaged to maintain the purity and freshness of this highly beneficial clay. The clay is not irradiated.


Glacial Clay is a highly versatile clay that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and maturing skin. Glacial Clay possesses a very fine particle size that makes it remarkably effective at absorbing dirt and other impurities while providing gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. It is a pure clay that is abundant in minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Glacial Clay rejuvenates dull skin, improves its appearance, helps to balance skin tone and leaves the skin feeling softer yet firmer.

Within hair care applications, Glacial Clay is highly beneficial in supporting healthy hair and scalp. It also helps to strengthen the condition of hair follicles and roots.

Glacial Clay Properties:

  • Very Fine Particle Size
  • Not Irradiated
  • Light Green Hue when Moistened
  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Absorbs Dirt and Impurities
  • Invigorating and Revitalizing to Skin
  • Softens, Balances Skin Tone and Improves
  • Complexion
  • Minimizes the Appearance of Stretch Marks and Scars
  • Cleansing
  • Provides Gentle Exfoliation
  • See Spec Sheet for Mineral Composition

Glacial Clay is Perfectly Suited for the Following Personal Care Applications:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Soap Making

Recommended Usage Rate:


Origin: New Zealand
INCI: Bentonite
Extraction Method: Formed by the collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice in the foothills of the beautiful Southern Alps.
Typical Shelf Life*: Stable

*Typical Shelf Life begins on the date of manufacture and is defined as the typical shelf life of an ingredient when it is stored and handled properly. The Typical Shelf Life is offered as a general guideline. It should not be considered to be an expiration date. Many ingredients are usable beyond the stated date, especially when stored and handled very carefully.

Documents: Safety Data Sheet   Specifications  

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Average Rating: 5 stars  

Rating: 5 stars 5 out of 5

Reviewed By: Harmony

Posted: Monday, August 17, 2020

Location: Mission Viejo, CA

Comments: I ordered 3 items and am so happy with everything! Looking forward to try this clay out. Exceptional products and such an expansive list of anything you might be looking for. So impressed and will be one of my top picks for future orders. Thank you so much! Your attention to detail is huge and yours definitely shines through.

Rating: 5 stars 5 out of 5

Reviewed By: Chelsea

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Location: National City, CA

Total Number of Ratings: 2

“I don't know where my business would be without you!”

“My customers absolutely love the products that I create using the raw ingredients and beautiful botanical butters and oils that I source from you! You are my most beloved supplier. I don't know where my business would be without you! Your customer service is top notch. Everyone that I have ever dealt with has been so sweet and helpful. Truly grateful for you!”



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