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Nitrogen Blanketing

From Nature With Love (FNWL) is a trademarked wholesale brand of Natural Sourcing, LLC.

Through FNWL, we proudly offer an inspiring range of premium quality natural ingredients including essential oils, CO2 extracts and vegetable oils.

We use a process called Nitrogen Blanketing to protect the quality, minimize oxygen exposure and prolong the shelf life of these natural oils.

When exposed to oxygen for prolonged periods, essential oils, CO2s and vegetable oils can oxidize. Oxidation negatively impacts the therapeutic value and aromatic quality of essential oils and other volatile natural oils. Oxidation also contributes to the degradation and rancidity of vegetable oils.

The empty space inside a bottle of oil is known as the headspace. Even when an oil container is properly capped/closed and kept in a refrigerated or cool area, the headspace of the container is still filled with oxygen that can lead to oxidation.

In order to protect our natural oils from oxidation during storage, we blanket them with nitrogen. Nitrogen is heavier than oxygen and when introduced into a container, it will displace the oxygen over the surface of the oil, creating a gas blanket. This inert nitrogen blanket protects the oil from exposure to oxygen and moisture and helps to prolong the shelf life of the oil. During bottling, the oil is pumped up or dispensed from the bottom of the container, allowing the blanket to remain undisturbed. Drums and containers are re-blanketed as needed.

By keeping our stock of natural oils nitrogen blanketed, we are able to extend their shelf life and ensure that our customers receive optimal freshness.

Oil Storage Tips:

Refer to the Ingredient Storage and Handling section of our Information Library for suggestions on how to properly store and prolong the shelf life of essential oils, vegetable oils and the other ingredients that we supply.

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