Vegetable Butters

Vegetable Butters
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Vegetable Butters are moisturizing, help protect the skin, are rich in beneficial nutrients and are well suited for inclusion within skin/hair care, aromatherapy, spa, cosmetic and massage formulations. Butters contribute to the viscosity and stability of emulsions. They provide rigidity to lip and body balms, lotion bars and other stick products.

Vegetable Butters are obtained by blending the nutritive natural fatty fractions of a vegetable oil. Depending on the butter, the fractions come directly from either the oil or hydrogenated oil or the unsaponifiable fraction. Vegetable Butters are solid at room temperature. The percentage of the unsaponifiable fraction of a vegetable oil is usually very low. It requires a large quantity of processed oil to yield a significant quantity of butter.

Butters can melt during shipment. This is most common during the summer months or in warmer regions, but it can happen during cooler months as well. Vegetable butters should become solid again within a few hours (or sometimes days, depending on the butter) if stored at room temperature.

USDA Organic

Certified Organic Vegetable Butters

From Nature With Love offers a growing selection of organic vegetable butters for use within your finest skin care products.

Organic Cocoa Butter
Organic Butter: Cocoa Top Seller!
Organic Nilotica Shea Butter
Organic Butter: Nilotica Shea
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Butter: Shea, Refined Sale! Top Seller!
Organic Babassu Oil
Organic Oil: Babassu Sale!

Conventional Vegetable Butters

Aloe Vera Butter
Butter: Aloe Vera Sale! Top Seller!
Coffee Bean Butter
Butter: Coffee Bean
Cupuacu Butter
Butter: Cupuacu
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Mango Butter
Butter: Mango Sale! Top Seller!
Mochacchino Butter
Butter: Mochacchino
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Murumuru Butter
Butter: Murumuru Sale! Top Seller!
Shea Butter
Butter: Shea, Pressed and Refined Sale! Top Seller!
Vegetable Butter Sampler (Includes  6 Butters)
Sampler: 6 Butters
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