Palo Santo Essential Oil

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Our Palo Santo Essential Oil is a clear oil that is steam distilled from the wood of Bursera graveolens, a tree that is native to Peru and regions of South America.

Aromatically, Palo Santo Essential Oil possesses a distinctive aroma that is woody, balsamic, slightly sweet and faintly citrusy. It blends well with many essential oils including but not limited to those within the wood, citrus, spice, mint and resin families. Aromatically and energetically, it blends especially well with Frankincense Essential Oil.

Abundant in monoterpenes, particularly limonene, Palo Santo Essential Oil is helpful in supporting a healthy respiratory system. Within skin care applications, it is a lovely oil for supporting healthy, vibrant skin and for soothing irritated skin. Bugs tend to dislike the aroma of Palo Santo Essential Oil.

The oil is sometimes also known as Holy Wood Essential Oil because Palo Santo is considered sacred. The wood and essential oil is widely used in spiritual and energetic applications. It is a beautiful oil to include in formulations intended to support meditation and reflection. It is also regarded as an essential oil that helps to repel negativity, encourage a positive outlook and promote positive energy.

Emotionally, Palo Santo Essential Oil can be helpful in improving focus and clarity.

To produce quality Palo Santo Essential Oil, the tree must be dead for at least two years. During this time, the limonene content in the wood increases. Our Palo Santo Essential Oil contains 58% limonene and is sustainably sourced from a distiller that ensures that the wood is collected only from trees that have naturally fallen in the forest.

We have had our Palo Santo Essential Oil independently GC/MS tested by Essential Validation Services. The GC/MS report is available here.

For topical formulations intended for adults, Essential Oil Safety Edition 2 by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young recommend a dermal maximum of 3.4% for Palo Santo Essential Oil.

Origin: Peru
INCI: Bursera Graveolens (Palo Santo) Wood Oil
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Documents: GC/MS Analysis

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