Thank You

FNWL Would like to sincerely thank the generous individuals, companies and groups that have donated soap for the benefit of the domestic abuse and homeless shelters that we work with. Below is a list of those that have donated soap.



Natasha Balseca
Donation: 480 Soaps

Spencer Rhodes
Moss + Brooke
Donation: 405 Soaps

Lynne England
Earth's Offerings LLC
Donation: 287 Soaps

Janet Lancaster
Jans Body and Bath
Donation: 235 Soaps

Kenya J. Calloway
Jai's Handmade Body Products
Donation: 222 Soaps

Kylee E. Lane
Luxury Lane Soap & Soy
Donation: 212 Soaps

En Tsao
Even Keel, LLC
Donation: 210 Soaps

Anika Ahilan & Samantha Tishler
Ansa Handmade Soaps
Donation: 180 Soaps

Dianne Early
Dearly Yours
Donation: 178 Soaps

Jeanette Morgan
South Texas Naturals
Donation: 162 Soaps

Dawn Cabral-Quimby
Horsing Around Soap
Donation: 161 Soaps

Lisa E. Harris
Mary Magaline Soap Company LLC
Donation: 144 Soaps

Danyah Arafat
Blue Sky Soaps LLC
Donation: 140 Soaps

Rhonda Anderson
Hydriads Soaps
Donation: 129 Soaps

Stacey A. Seal
Seal Soapworks
Donation: 121 Soaps

Heidi Ashby
Heidi Cakes Soap Company
Donation: 119 Soaps

Adrian Snow
Strange Gazelle
Donation: 115 Soaps

Sarah Namgoong
Donation: 106 Soaps

Carol Mills
On a Whim
Donation: 104 Soaps

Pamela Brouard
Snipe Ireland Soaps
Donation: 85 Soaps

Amy Sickel, Troop Leader
Girl Scout Troop #4806
Donation: 81 Soaps

Erin Rachel Pikor
Naiad Soap Arts
Donation: 75 Soaps

Nyota Ferguson
N4you Soaps
Donation: 74 Soaps

Rachel Muckerman
Beyond Normal Creations
Donation: 69 Soaps

Ashley Whittingham
Jaide, LLC
Donation: 66 Soaps

Judi Guadarrama
By My Hand Design
Donation: 61 Soaps

Marilyn Schendel
Ritual Waters
Donation: 59 Soaps

Carol Jasin
Natural Made Soap
Donation: 55 Soaps

Michele Shamiyeh
Zeetoon 100% Olive Oil Soap
Donation: 55 Soaps

Linda D. Johnson
LinDevere HandCrafted Soap
Donation: 51 Soaps

Makita Wade
Hill Mail Order Company
Donation: 51 Soaps

Bonnie L. Bracken
Brance Enterprises
Donation: 48 Soaps

Anjanet Sayers
Emunah Soaps & Essentials LLC
Donation: 48 Soaps

Sharon Prendergast
The Basix and Beyond
Donation: 47 Soaps

Paula Nyako
Soaptown Road Handcrafted Soap
Donation: 46 Soaps

Shaina Sadi
Nomad Body
Donation: 45 Soaps

Emily Beanblossom
Beanblossom Soaps
Donation: 42 Soaps

Irene Fox
Island's Own
Donation: 42 Soaps

Martine Lincifort Church
Nachurs Suds
Donation: 42 Soaps

Carol Dziedzic
The Hen House
Donation: 41 Soaps

Stacey Catlett
Fiona Soap Company
Donation: 39 Soaps

Beth Wilt
Wicked Naturals LLC
Donation: 38 Soaps

Carree Villeneuve
Hannah's Originals
Donation: 35 Soaps and 13 Lip Balms

Michael Mordenti
Mordenti Naturals
Donation: 35 Soaps

Stacy B. Montanti
Stacy's Soaps - Bath & Body Essentials
Donation: 35 Soaps

Brigitte Tucker-Ford
Treasure Gardens Handcrafted Soap
Donation: 33 Soaps

Maria Garza
Everything Goat Milk Skin Care
Donation: 32 Soaps

Cheryl Kardas
The Chunky Soap Shoppe
Donation: 32 Soaps

Melissa Naval
Naikid, Inc.
Donation: 32 Soaps

Cindy Heinemann
Misty Mountain Soap Co.
Donation: 31 Soaps

Yasmeen Sallam
Yubble Handmade Soap
Donation: 31 Soaps

Parma Lynn Phillips
E/L Blessings Farm LLC
Donation: 29 Soaps

Kymberlee Keckler
Donation: 27 Soaps

Kelly Owens
Sunnypatch Soapworks, Etc.
Donation: 27 Soaps

Jessica Nadler
Soap Genius
Donation: 27 Soaps

Chialing Wu
Donation: 26 Soaps

Nicole Best
Nikki Makes Scents
Donation: 24 Soaps

Diane Buono
Queen Esther's Soaps & Body Creations
Donation: 24 Soaps

Bubacarr Koiteh
Madame Koiteh
Donation: 24 Soaps

Kari E Donohue
Kare Kreations
Donation: 24 Soaps

Carol Jasin
Natural Made Soap
Donation: 21 Soaps

Amy Oliver
Country Bee, Inc.
Donation: 20 Soaps

Emily Walker
Emily's Expressions
Donation: 20 Soaps

Lisa E. Harris
The Franchise Mom LLC
Donation: 20 Soaps

Shelia Lewis
BRE-TAG Handmade Soap LLC
Donation: 20 Soaps

Deborah Jeter
Fairy Lab Soaps, LLC
Donation: 20 Soaps

Abena Boakye
Semina, LLC
Donation: 20 Soaps

Eveline Horton
The Sunshine Soap Company
Donation: 16 Soaps

Laudine and Reed Buckley
Silky Tyme
Donation: 6 Soaps and 5 Uncut Loaves

Yolanda Catheart
Londa's Body Care, LLC
Donation: 15 Soaps

Peyton Schmid
Crafting for a Cause at UNC Charlotte
Donation: 15 Soaps

Shannon Thompson
The Bath Project
Donation: 15 Soaps

Angela Graves
Christiano Design
Donation: 14 Soaps

Allyson Dohan
Mad Soap Company
Donation: 14 Soaps

Shawn Kohut
Donation: 14 Soaps

Stephanie Pelczar
Sessie Naturals
Donation: 13 Soaps

Jacqueline (Jackie) Alberti
Glory Be Herbals
Donation: 12 Soaps

Lissa Lee
Arcadia Aromatics
Donation: 12 Soaps

Maryann Bissell
Candles -n- Such
Donation: 12 Soaps

Tracy Rushing
Dakota Soapworks
Donation: 12 Soaps

Karen St. Clair
Wett Giggles Soap
Donation: 11 Soaps

Rebecca Prager
Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School
Donation: 11 Soaps

Julie Chadwick
Donation: 10 Soaps, Bath Pouf and Cosmetic Brush

Denise Cupp
Briny Bar Soap
Donation: 10 Soaps

Kathleen Kapila
Mojo Hannah's
Donation: 10 Soaps

Shawn Kneipp
A Simple Life Soap Co.
Donation: 10 Soaps

Celeste Van Beek
CJ's Soaps
Donation: 10 Soaps

Jessica Nazarian
Divinity Scent Bar
Donation: 10 Soaps

Donna Carpenter
Donation: 9 Soaps

Ana Hennie
Donation: 9 Soaps

Stephanie Pascal
The Lola Marie Co.
Donation: 9 Soaps

Teresa Pittman-Wall
Soap Shack
Donation: 9 Soaps

Catherine Zois
Sia & Elena's Shea Naturals
Donation: 9 Soaps

Katie VanBommel
Donation: 9 Soaps

Donna Lang
The Aromatic Way
Donation: 8 Soaps

Sheri E. Ragland
Donation: 8 Soaps

Nicole Beder
E&J Apothecary
Donation: 7 Soaps

Barbara Colbath
Donation: 7 Soaps

Susan Drozda
Donation: 6 Soaps

Milinda Lou Cobb
Southern Comfort Products
Donation: 6 Soaps

Penny Katz
Donation: 6 Soaps

Cynthia Koskiewicz
Batik Botanicals
Donation: 6 Soaps

Heather Dinneen Heroldt
Donation: 5 Soaps

Karen Middleton
Sassy Soap and Lotions
Donation: 5 Soaps

Michelle K. Turner
Amerikan Goddess, Inc.
Donation: 5 Soaps

Deborah Harper
Donation: 4 Soaps

Cassidy Helmken
Dhara Holistics
Donation: 4 Soaps

Marilyn Viruet
Stylish Party Ideas DBA Skin Candy
Donation: 4 Soaps

Dani Viso
Donation: 4 Soaps

Holly Maxwell
Soap Suds by Holly
Donation: 3 Soaps

Karen J. Hernandez
Knittysnaps, LLC
Donation: 3 Soaps

Andrea Schuler
Donation: 3 Soaps

Sage Fairchild
Donation: 3 Soaps

Hannah Margaret Morgan
The Soap Basket
Donation: 8 Mini Soaps

Lynne Killey
Queen Bee Sauce
Donation: 2 Soaps and 2 Lip Balms

Heidi Price
Heidi's Handmades
Donation: 2 Soaps

Group Invitation:

If your soapmaking group or organization is interested in working with us to collect donations for FNWL's Soap Donation Program, please email

Donator Banner:

If you have donated soaps, you are welcome to copy one of the below banners, upload it to your site and use it to let your customers and Web site visitors know of your generous donation. Please only use one of these banners if you have donated soaps that meet the donation guidelines described on the main Soap Donation page.

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